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Best Power Points Services In Adelaide

Need a new power point installed?
Electrical Contractors Adelaide can handle all your powering needs, whether you need a single power point or one that can be used to power up to six appliances and devices. Our team of experts can help you with indoor and outdoor power requirements.

Power Point Types

Throughout the home, our electricians install power points. You can choose from a wide range of power point styles based on the type and needs of your home. There are several styles to choose from, including:

  • Stainless steel power points
  • Slimline power points
  • Glass power points
  • Ceiling power points
  • Matt black power points
  • Desk power points
  • Pop-up power points
  • Smart power points
  • Outdoor Power Points
  • Smart Power Points

Install intelligent power points for your home to make it 21st century-ready. These power points can be controlled remotely using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or a smart device. Your home will now be able to function and be simple at the same time.

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Types Of Power Points

General power outlets (GPOs) are also called power points. Homes used to have only one power socket per room back then, or one GPO. Today, you have a wide range of options to choose from. The types are described briefly here.

Single GPO: The socket has a power rating of 10 amps and comprises a single three-pin plug. The most common type of home is an older one.

Double GPO: Newer homes now have double socket power points.

Power points with switches: It’s easier to turn on and off appliances when you have power points with buttons available in single and double sockets.

15A Power Points: As the name suggests, 15A power points deliver 15 amps and are typically found in garages and workshops where heavy machinery is used.

Weatherproof GPO : With an IP53 rating, weatherproof GPOs are ideal for outdoor applications like patios and driveways.

Power points with USB ports : Easily charge your phone and other USB-powered devices with a single or double GPO.

Frequently Asked Questions

My bathroom has a Power Point, but where should I put it?

If you are installing a bathroom vanity, the best place will be near it, at least 300mm away from the edge of the basin. Keeping the power point dry is essential to keep it from getting wet.

Why is my power point switch stiff?

Power points that are cheaper tend to do this more often. In most cases, the lifespan of a no-name powerpoint is less than a year. The quality and lifespan of a brand name outweigh the cost of a no-name.

USB Power Points

Consider getting USB power points installed by Electrical Contractors Adelaide if you’re looking to save space and clutter. Plugging your USB cable directly into your power point is convenient and efficient, bringing convenience and efficiency to your business or home. You can get on with your busy day with the help of USB power points that charges devices exceptionally quickly. Stylish and affordable USB power points have become much more affordable in recent years. For any questions regarding power points, you can contact our electrician team.


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