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Rewire your home with confidence and professionalism At Adelaide, SA
The electricians from Electrical Contractors Adelaide understand that the idea of having to change the wiring in your home can seem daunting; therefore, we’ll walk through the steps that must be accomplished in a step-by-step fashion and ensure you’re with us every step through the process.

Why Should You Choose Electrical Contractors Adelaide?

The deterioration, wear, or overheating electrical wiring is an electrical fire waiting to happen and risk to anyone who lives or works within your premises. Contact us today to conduct a thorough safety inspection and rewiring program for your business or home. We at Electrical Contractors Adelaide base our business on customer satisfaction, referrals, and repeat customers. This is why we consider our customer service seriously. Our service guarantee was designed to give customers peace of mind and ensure they are guaranteed to be taken care of.

Our Guarantee Of Service Covers:

  • We will be available to answer your calls. If we cannot take your call within the time frame, please leave a short message, and we will return your call promptly.
  • We’ll be punctual. We show up to each appointment on time, with fully stocked vans to ensure the job is done promptly.
  • The safety of the electrical system in your home will always be crucial. Every task we complete, whether significant or minor, comes with a free safety check to ensure you and your family members are secure.
  • We will only purchase high-end products. Our products are of the best quality and backed by a 12-month guarantee.
  • We’ll tidy up after each job and ensure that your home is in the same condition we left it or better.

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We Will Provide You With A Total Price For A House Rewire

The Electrical Contractors Adelaide will provide an exact estimate for the rewiring of your home. No surprises. The assessment will outline the specific expenses involved in the rewiring of your house. Our electricians are happy to assist you with any queries that you may have regarding the work before, during, or following the work is completed. You will receive a Certificate of Compliance to keep track of the work after completion. A faulty electrical wiring system can pose a dangerous fire risk to your house, and it could cause electric shock risk for your family members.

It is illegal in Adelaide, SA for anyone other than an electrician with a license to perform any home wiring or refitting. It won’t be certified even if the work has been completed to a certain standard. Our electricians are certified, licensed, trained, and insured to meet your electrical wiring rewiring.

What Is The Best Way To Quote Electrical Wiring In New Construction Homes?

We typically offer quotes per-point basis, which means you can easily change or add things to fit your budget. The job is broken down into three installments: switchboard, prewire, and fitting-off. This can help you in budgeting and cash flow to understand how your expenses are being run throughout the day.

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